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I didn’t expect to be in a car accident and when it happened I was left with pain, soreness, and could barely manage through with family and work responsibilities.  Dr. Coleman was able to help me heal from my accident through her expertise in acupuncture for pain management, massage therapy, and cupping helped me to regain freedom of movement.  I do not believe I could have recovered fully with Dr. Coleman. She listened to every concern, addressed every issue and helped me to understand principals of movement, self-care, and the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit.  Truly the best healing experience I have ever had!

Janet D

Dr. Coleman’s sessions have been absolutely magical. During my initial consultation she spent over an hour combing through all of my concerns, current and past health challenges, and finding out what my goals were for acupuncture. She’s extremely passionate about her work and does a fantastic job of explaining the reasons behind all of your treatments.

Since I’ve started my treatments my energy levels are up and I’m sleeping through the whole night again!
This has truly been a healing experience for me.
Thank You Dr. Coleman!

Kadija T